Basic plan

Rural Internet with 15Mbps download without complications! For only 30€/month (VAT included).

Installation fee depends on the job to be done.

Premium plan

Best Internet for demanding users with 30Mbps! For only 39€/month (VAT included).

Installation fee depends on the job to be done.

Special offer for vacation rentals

Pay only the months you need it. Without extra charges!

Why join us?

Our Internet connection is the best option for areas where other traditional Internet Service Providers do not reach. We excel in speed and price!

Commons Network

In we bet on building up a transparent, open and sustainable telecommunications infrastructure.

Local and cooperative Internet is a local and rooted cooperative based in Soller. You will talk with people, not machines.
You make your coverage
If you don't have Internet coverage, if it doesn't reach your home as fast as you would or you think you pay too much for it we give you solutions.

The project promotes a model called the commons network or In this model, the network infrastructure's property is shared among all participants and its use is open and free for every person or entity. offers an Internet service to economically keep this project running.

About us is a local cooperative based in Sóller and a Internet Service Provider that works with The Commons Network.

Pepllu Lucas
Bartomeu Miró
Joan Francesc Arbona


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